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Clean up Australia Day

Between 2004 and 2007 we had over fifty people per year who were active on Clean up Australia Day. Organised into teams with the help of Four Wheel Drive club Members, we collected and removed an estimated 55 tons of waste material each year from the forest and surrounds.

Over these four years it was common to fill four large skips with steel and and three mini skips with other assorted rubbish. Three cars and approximately 40 tyres were extracted from the forest in one year alone, along with about two cubic metres of discarded plaster requiring a special trip to the tip. The type of rubbish collected was mainly ancestral. The most common rubbish discarded by unthinking travellers was drink bottles and food wrappers.

Rokeby & Crossover Friends Group would like to thank first and foremost the Gippsland 4WD Club for digging in and coordinating a very rewarding club day. We would also like to thank, Gippsland Metal Recyclers for doing a magnificent job of picking up the scrap metal skip and for picking up all the material that couldn't fit in the skip bins. Thank you to Baw Baw Mini Skips for their assistance with domestic rubbish collection, and also to the 4WD Club members who provided their machinery for the day. Graeme Stapleton, from Warragul Wrecker, generously loaned one of his large tandem trailers for the occasion, which was a great help. The D.S.E. donated an unlimited supply of quality leather gloves.


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