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Crossover Station Platform Restoration

RCFG members are currently running working bees to restore and protect the historic Crossover Railway Platform.

Crossover Station 116km from Melbourne, was opened 18th March 1892, one of 6 stations along the Warragul to Neerim South Railway line.

The passenger platform was 61m (200ft) long, the longest platform of all the 9 stations on the Noojee Line. This was due to promising new gold mining operations in the area at that time.

The station yard had a 250m loop track, with a 60m siding at the Melbourne end, and a 170m siding at the other end of the loop.

William Watkins Gunn built 12kms of steel rail tramway which ran alongside Red Hill Creek to servicing his timber mill as well as mills owned by William Furhmann and Frank Mapleson. There was also a four-ton crane, a goods platform to receive Gunn’s timber and a separate goods office for consignments.

In the 66 years of operation of the Noojee branch line, Crossover station generated the most revenue of all the stations, mainly due to the contribution of the Gunn sawmills.

The last official train ran through Crossover was 27th September 1958, and the last section of Railway, which included Crossover closed 1st October 1958.

The Noojee branch line closed due to the increase in availability and lesser cost of road transport.



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